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Instrument Repair Service.
35 Radcliffe Road,
West Bridgford,
NG2 5FF.

Quality Assurance

At Instrument Repair Service, quality is not just about obtaining third party approvals but is an in-built philosophy throughout the whole company. We pride ourselves on not accepting the acceptable but continually striving to improve working practices, product quality and customer satisfaction.

We are proud to have been the first company in the UK to obtain third party (BSI) approval for the Reconditioning of Tachographs.

All personnel undergo continuous and in-depth training to ensure our products comply with our customers' expectations.

Scope Registration

  • The repair of Mechanical, Electro-Mechanical, Microprocessor & Modular based Tachographs.
  • The Modifications of Speedometers for use on Police and Special Vehicles.