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1324 Front Repair Kit

Sorter etter:  Navn

1324 12v or 24v

KODE: 1324

Suitable for Leyland Daf, MAN, Mercedes, Scania, Etc ADR Units also Available Please supply the full 12 digit type number when ordering.

1324 Facia Without Buttons

KODE: TT.220

1324 front facia without buttons.

1324 Flat Cable 1 Plug

KODE: TT.241

Not fitted with components

1324 Flat Cable 2 Plug

KODE: TT.242

Not fitted with components

1324 Front Repair Kit

KODE: TT.253


1324 Front sealing Cover

KODE: TT.728


1324 Rear Sealing Cover

KODE: TT.724


1324 Removal Tool (Pair)

KODE: TT.237


1324 Sealing Kit TT.724

KODE: TT.729

1324 Sealing Kit

1324 Tray Tilt Kit TT.231

KODE: TT.231

1324 Tray Tilt Kit

TT.727 1324 Front Sealing Cover With Screw & Seal

KODE: TT.727